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Shanghai Nanda
Shanghai Nanda was founded in 1992, and it is the headquarter of Nanda member companies, together with Zhejiang Nanda they mainly supply cables for oversea markets, 85% of Shanghai Nanda’s output is exported to overseas. Shanghai Nanda is good at high and low voltage power cables, control cables, Aluminum overhead cables, Fire resistant cables and common electrical cables. Nanda is setting up a new factory as the second production base in Shanghai to meet growing demand of cables. The new factory will complete in the end of 2014 as scheduled.
Beijing Nanda
Beijing Nanda, in order to adjust product mix and lower operating costs and improve overall competitiveness, quick to resolve post-sale service work, a greater degree of convenience to customers in 2002, special in Beijing, the Group voted to build production base in the north, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, staff more than 400 people to produce low-voltage cables, and various automotive lines, smart cable-based, the company introduced Japan and Taiwan the most advanced production equipment, greatly improving the degree of automation, increase the technological content of products, from the nature and small Enterprise widened the gap between the industry, so that NTU Group to the modern production a major step forward. Beijing has for the vast number of users in northern China has brought substantial benefits benefits, raised the NTU’s brand image and international influence.
Zhejiang Nanda
Zhejiang Nanda Cable Co., Ltd. is located in the southern foot of Yandang, the main production of power cables, control cables, rubber-sheathed cables, etc, as a supplement and support to Shanghai Nanda, Zhengjiang Nanda plays a essential role in oversea business. Company now covers an area of 90,000 square meters, staff 600 people, the Department of Nanda Group in China, one of the most important of the four production bases, has been appraised as Zhejiang significant business, quality and no complaints from businesses, credit AAA level enterprise. As a cradle of culture, NTU, after 10 years of professional accumulation, with NTU’s indomitable spirit, Zhejiang NTU in the focus on "good faith", "quality" and "service" in out of a road to success.
Anhui Nanda
Nanda Group in order to further secure the market in Anhui, in 2000 and Xuancheng a joint venture between Blue Sky Electric Industrial Company announced that city, Shanghai Nanda Sky Cable Co., Ltd. covers an area of 20,000 square meters, total investment of more than 2,000 million yuan, more than 100 employees The main production of low-voltage cables, Xuancheng Nanda north Jingting Hill, south Xuan-wu-speed, 5 km from the Chinese Crocodile Lake. Developed by the company set up to speed wire leading domestic level.
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